Business process outsourcing (BPO) basically deals with customer relationship management . At our company, BPO Services include processes such as building customer relations and brand leadership to help increase the company’s flexibility thereby creating a competitive base. Our BPO resources let companies focus more on the core development techniques. By handling other tasks to our skilled workforce for efficient work and maximum customer satisfaction.

Is your business is suffering for inefficiencies?

Why to Outsource BPO Services??

Is lack of skilled manpower bothering you? Your valuable time is devoured by your pack time schedule?
Overhead costs are making losses? Breakeven point is too high?
Don’t know what market strategies to follow? And How to Follow?
Unsure about the product placement in the market?
The key driving factors that led to BPO companies outsourcing waves are:

  • A lack in expert work in certain fragments of the business procedure.
  • An affordable accessibility of workforce without comprising on the service quality.
  • Greater likelihood to concentrate on the other pivotal business capacities.
  • Helps you to improve your overall business activities.
  • Reliable Quality Services
  • Focus on Core Business
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Cost Reduction

According to the leading research firm TechNavio, growing awareness about BPO among SMB's will impact the call center business outsourcing market in the APAC Region through 2019.

Why choose TooFan For

Business Process Outsourcing

Higher resolution rates

Innovative Solutions Including Process Automation

Call Center Outsourcing Solutions

Domain Expertise With Prime Focus

Professional Call Agents and Technical Experts

Complete Transparency

Technical Support Services

Next Generation Capability Based on Requirements

24/7 Support

We Provide

We Provide all the services in TooFan as BPO too. Besides that we also provide BPO service in many other fields.

Call Center Services


» Inbound Call Center Services

» Outbound Call Center Services

» Telemarketing Services

» Technical Support Services

» Business Process as a Service

» CCTV Monitoring Services

» Email Support Services

» Chat Support Services

Research & Analysis


» Market Research

» Business Research

» Financial Research

» Pharmaceutical Research

» Business Analytics

» CCTV Monitoring Services

» Email Support Services

» Chat Support Services

Software Development


» Custom Software Development

» Mobile Application Development

» Technologies

» Enterprise Solutions

» Software Testing Services

» Infrastructure Management

» Database Services

» IT Staffing Services

» Industries

» Other Services

Photo Editing


» Post Processing

» Image Enhancement

» Image Clipping Services

» Portrait Services

» Image & Photo Manipulation

» Wedding Photo Editing

» Photoshop Services

» Lightroom Services

» Virtual Staging Services

» Panorama Map Services

Transcription Services


» Audio Transcription Services

» Video Transcription Services

» Subtitling, Captioning & Translation Services

» Legal Transcription Services

» Business Transcription

» Specialized Transcription

» Foreign Language Transcription

Creative Designs


» Web Design Services

» Illustration Services

» Logo Design Services

» Artwork Services

» Film Services

» Video Editing Services

» Writing Services

» Animation Services

» Advertising Services

Engineering Services


» Mechanical Engineering

» Architectural Services

» Civil Engineering

» Structural Engineering

» Electrical Engineering

Finance & Accounting


» Bookkeeping Services

» Accounting Services

» Accounts Payable

» Accounts Receivable

» Tax Preparation

» Payroll Services

» Accounting Software

» Financial Reporting/ Statement

Data Entry Services


» Data Entry

» ePUB Services

» Data Analytics

» Online Catalog System

» Data Processing

» Data Conversion

» OCR Services

» Industries We Cater to

» Indexing

Data Science


» Automatic Document Classification

» Route Optimization

» Lead Scoring

» Cognitive Process Automation

» Big Data Lakes Solutions & Consulting

» Recommender System Development

» Data Science As A Service

Web Promotion & Marketing


» SEO Services

» Facebook Promotion & Marketing

» YouTube Marketing

» LinkedIN Marketing

» Instagram Promotion

» Other Services



» Text Formatting

» Layout Design

» Copy Editing

» Multilingual Desktop Publishing

What Is Business Process Outsorcing?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the allocation of one or more business process to third party service provider. Which possesses, governs and manages clients' needs based on well-defined and quantifiable performance metrics. BPO services include Human Resources (HR), Accounting and Customer/Call center relations, Payrolls. BPO is also known as information technology enabled services (ITES).

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