Audio Production Services

Need to sound your absolute best? Want curated royalty-free music? Or do you want sound effects and voice overs? TooFan provides Audio Production Services to the clients from all over.

We Provide Different

Audio Production Services

Polish Voice

This service includes the raw voice file that needs polishing. i.e. breaths removing and professional needing.

Audio Post Production

This service is for those who wants music, sound effects and voice over. i.e. for video producers.

Voice, Music & Sound Effects

Those who wants to achieve a professional sounding music then this service for them. eg: video producers.

Audio & Music Editing

Edit a piece of your production to fin your production. e.g. extending its length, creating loop, cut etc.

Audio Mixing

Using sfx and audio production techniques we can mix music for almost any requirements. e.g. dance troupe.


It is a genre of radio and television program, feature film. Basically it represents historical facts.

Radio Magazine

It is a radio broadcasting trade or magazine program which is a mixture of topics, contributors and ways of presenting them using various techniques.

Feature Stories

This services includes a type of news story more like a piece of short radio fiction.

Audio Production for Voice Overs

Use our audio production skills, pre-licensed music and sound effects to give clients a complete professional service.

Radio Programs

This service includes airing different radio programs.


This service includes creating different audio/radio advertisement as per clients’ need.

Audio Documentry

This service includes broadcasting on radio, or make CD, podcast etc.


Power Sound Audio


This service includes a long speech by one person during a conversation.

Radio Drama

This service includes plays specifically written for radio, docudrama.

We Provide Wide Range of

Audio Production Services

to match our clients' varying need. We have experienced experts to help clients' achieve what they need. Also we have the tools and resources to complete any projects. Whether it is of any size, or from the beginning stage of pre-prductions. To the clients' desired present format. We have experts to realize the final objective and medium of our clients' project in any file format. Or in any platform.

  • Understanding the clients' need
  • Working In any Format & in any Platform
  • We have Tools & Resources
  • Help to Achieve Clients' desired results

Provide us with your RequirementsNow

Deliver live radio stream to global listeners from anywhere through internet.

Shout out loud and let them listen to your voice , with our Audio Streaming Service. Quickly and Easily set up your station and stream it all over the world.

Also you can keep track of who is listening and where they are from.

How we provide our

audio production services

Request  a Quote

Review & Reply

Confirmation & Booking

Project Ready & Download

First browse through all our audio production services. Take your time to browse through it. Then contact us about your project requirements through request form or you can directly contact us. After that when we get your request quote, we will review your request and provide you with details from our side. Then after you confirm and do the booking we will give you a time frame for completion of project. Finally, when the project is ready we will contact you and we can provide downloads.

Provide us Concepts and we Make it Reality

We are more than just a website. We're a team of well experienced experts, passionate about the work we do, the contents we deliver and customer support we provide. We provide online service that helps you save your time and money. There is no need to visit the studio, arrange meetings or production house.

Do you Need any other Audio Production Services?

If you have any editing, production requirements that are not mentioned above, please feel free to email us or contact us. We will help you through it.
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