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The Toofan Communication Network (TCN) is the leading professional Media Organization, ready to meet the Multimedia needs of your organizations or company. It is a full-service public relations, advertising, and social marketing agency that provides government agencies, corporations, and nonprofits with a broad range of communication tools.

Web Development

Web Development consists of all tasks related for developing websites. The process involves steps such as Web design, Web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration. Building a website basically includes coding and writing markups according to the owner’s requirements. It can be done for plain texts to complex applications such as web-based applications, social networking sites to online business portals. we are experienced web application developers, specialising in using custom programming and Open Source technologies to develop highly scalable and vigorous solutions for a wide variety of businesses. Our core specialism is PHP, ASP.NET, ASP, MS-SQL, mySQL, AJAX, Flash/ActionScript.

E-Commerce Solution

Our company also deals with E-commerce ( Electronic commerce) i.e. the process of transaction of goods online. It includes both buying as well as selling of goods. E-commerce can take 3 major forms: Business-to-business, business-to-consumer or consumer-to-consumer. It aids in contributing to better accessibility and wide availability of any kind of services online. Also, lower advertisement and operational costs ensures much more profit than traditional retail stores with a wide range of customers from all over the world.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the most powerful medium in this electronic era. Today, social media is used widely for promoting various products and services. Our company provides social media marketing to help increase brand recognition by making the brand more visible to the new customers and more familiar to its existing customers. Furthermore, it can also increase the influence of the brand and provides much more opportunities for the service to grow. Moreover, interaction with customers lets the company know about the areas to improve, issues faced, and side-by-side also a sense of trust among the customers. Almost all social networking sites also feature sponsored advertisements nowadays which can boost up the brand’s popularity in a short interval of time.

BPO Services

Business process outsourcing (BPO) basically deals with customer relationship management. At our company, BPO services include processes such as building customer relations and brand leadership to help increase the company’s flexibility thereby creating a competitive base. Our BPO services let companies focus more on the core development techniques by handling other tasks to our skilled workforce for efficient work and maximum customer satisfaction.It also provides customers with adequate information about the services they want.

Get Optimized Get Known

SEO( Search Engine Optimization) is the process to help change a page’s rank in a search engines’ primary search results. Our company analyses the best strategy for our clients by checking the website content and helping improve in every possible way. We help structure and optimize the webpages and monitor the rankings on a regular basis. Optimization is done and planned in the best way considering the targeted audience.

Starts at $150/month

Let the world See your creativity.

Web services (also known as application services) are a way of communication amongst Web users or Web connected programs through a business’s web server. A web service is basically a collection of systems that enable exchange and sharing of data over the World Wide Web using a standardized XML messaging system. Web services are platform and technology independent and hence can be implemented into existing applications easily. Our company deals with clients’ websites as their own and carefully plans strategies to target maximum audience and enhance the company’s status.

Starts at $120.99/year

Make a place In today global application market. Join Us

Application Development involves writing, processing and maintaining of source code in a organized and structured manner. Our company excels in skilled and trained professionals to supervise the mobile application development process according to the client’s requirements. The application is collaborated through a series of steps such as research, modification, correction, improvements and developments if any to design the perfect application for your company.

Starts at $450.99

Get Started!

Media House is a method of creating animations, sound effects, audio and video editing. Our specialist team deals with all these, providing the best client service with maximum satisfaction. Our media house has the following specialists

  • Creative development
  • Script writing
  • Studio production
  • Music bed / Sound FX
  • Rough cut production for client approval
  • Final production
  • Full feature programs Script writing
  • Trade show or point of purchase Digital Editing
  • Special events Animation - 2D and 3D
  • Documentation Graphic design/titling

Starts at $550

Select the best package you want

Our packages and hosting services is one of the best and cost effective packages you can find else where. You can choose from our packages mentioned below.

Biz Starter
$73 / year
  • Domain Registration
  • Template Based Web Design
  • Up to 10 Static Graphic Pages
  • 500 MB Server(Disk) Space
  • 25 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • General Portfolio/Profile
  • Regular Online Support
  • Social Media Integration
  • Easy to use Open Source CMS
  • Upto 7 Email Accounts
Commercial Standard
$90 / year
  • Domain Registration
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Up to 20 Static Graphic Pages
  • 1 GB Server(Disk) Space
  • 40 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • General Portfolio/Profile
  • Regular Online Support
  • Social Media Integration
  • Easy to use Open Source CMS
  • Up to 12 Email Accounts
Corporate Standard
$180 / year
  • Domain Registration
  • Full Responsive Web Design
  • Silders,Dynamic pages,Gallery & Maps
  • 5 GB Server(Disk) Space
  • 65 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Online Streaming (For Radio)
  • Full (24*7) Online support
  • SEO+Social Media Integration(setup)
  • Easy to use Open Source CMS
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
Customized Premium
$300 / month
  • Domain Registration
  • Full Responsive Web Design
  • Silders,Dynamic pages,Gallery & Maps
  • 15 GB Server(Disk) Space
  • 90 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Online Streaming (For Radio)
  • Full (24*7) Online support
  • SEO/Social Media Integration(follow up)
  • Easy to use Open Source CMS
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

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  • Dedicated Support
  • Extended Speed
  • Completely Secured
  • Simple Configuration

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